Shelf Systems

The shelf systems are similar to a high-rack storage area, and they provide one further motion axis compared to a tower system. Shelf systems are suitable for narrow and elongated premises and buildings. The shelf systems can be designed as over-ground or underground system, or as a combination of both

MasterVario R3C and R3L

The shelf system MasterVario R3 provides identically flexible features as the tower system, but provides one further benefit: Due to the additional motion axis of the storage and retrieval unit, up to ten vehicles can be arranged one behind the other. The grids can be designed as single, twin or triple grids. For max. 50-60 parking spaces per parking level are possible. In this fully-automated parking system the maximum number of parking spaces per system/access area should not be exceeded in order to ensure quick access times. The MasterVario R3 is the right choice for elongated premises. From standard cars to SUVs – the MasterVario R3 recognizes the height of your vehicle and finds the suitable parking space. In addition to standard car dimensions and weights, also special solutions are possible upon request. And, of course, individual project adjustment is also possible in many cases.

MasterVario R3C MasterVario R3C
MasterVario R3L MasterVario R3L

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