Tower Systems

An automatic tower system from KLAUS Multiparking is always the right choice if little floor space is available. Instead of expanding in width, the tower systems moves upward or downward – your vehicle is moved via elevator to a free parking space, where it is safely parked.

MasterVario R2L and R2C

The system provides 15 parking levels and 1 to 6 parking spaces per level allowing parking spaces for up to 50 cars on minimum floor space. The MasterVario R2 is the premium solution for short access times in case of minimum floor space. An additional turning unit inside the transfer cabin allows comfortable forward parking and exiting. 
From standard cars to SUVs – the MasterVario R2 recognizes the height of your vehicle and finds the suitable parking space. In addition to standard car dimensions and weights, also special solutions are possible upon request. And, of course, individual project adjustment is also possible in many cases.


MasterVario R2C MasterVario R2C
MasterVario R2L MasterVario R2L

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